The truest test of a brand's value

so i almost got run over by a pepsi delivery truck yesterday. it would've been tragic if it had happened. because really, pepsi? a PEPSI truck? coke, i could at least rationalize. coke is the ultimate american brand. getting hit by a coke truck, you can at least die with images of santa and norman rockwell and that great bottle shape going through your head. but pepsi? sorry, i don't want my last thought on this planet to be roger enrico's book, "the other guy blinked."

ideally though, it's a beer truck. getting run over by a beer truck almost seems honorable, no matter which brand. but if i could pick the beer truck i'd get hit by, i'd go with guinness. guinness is a flawless brand - a great product brilliantly marketed. the classic old ads, the showmanship of the pour, the genius of re-branding st. patrick's day as "st. patrick's season." it's not even my regular beer really, more of a special occasion beer.

call me old fashioned, but i still think getting run over by a truck qualifies as a special occasion.

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