the 2008 chicago sports icon restaurant tour continues

was checking out the preparations for the winter classic at wrigley field yesterday, and stopped into harry carry's for a bite. coming on the heels of a rare visit to ditka's, it got me wondering: how did ditka's restaurant outlasted michael jordan's? to paraphrase a former coworker, it seems as unfair as ringo starr outliving john lennon. when traveling abroad, if you say you're from chicago, people either say "michael jordan!" or they make gestures of tommy guns and say, "al capone! al capone!" but ditka? nary a mention.

of course, the appeal of harry carry is easy to understand. as a reminder of his brilliantly mangled delivery and frequent tangents, here's a short audio clip. (it doubles as a cautionary tale to marketers: always put the prize in the box, people. always.)

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