and this year's Murkie goes to...

if you're in the advertising industry for more than a couple months, someone somewhere will hand you an award. it's practically guaranteed. but out of the hundreds of award shows in existence, there are of course only a couple that matter ("matter" being a relative term here). the rest follow the tree-in-forest question: if you win an award and no one saw it, did you really win? so the vast majority of award shows get my default name, the "murkies" because 1) everyone's memory of who won what is a little murky and 2) having the same name for hundreds of award shows makes it a lot easier to reference during interviews.

"i won 15 murkies last year."

"really? 15 murkies?"

"yes. and i'm told some of them were gold."



"yes, wonderful."

with that in mind, i'm pleased to announce murkie award winners for 2008. if they have a common theme (and they do - otherwise, i would've started the sentence differently), it's "humanity through technology." that is, they all use the digital world to amplify what's happening in the real world. fine criteria for a murkie, i'd say.

best viral video: a toddler awaits the start of the phillies' championship parade. the day will end in swearing, but for now, it's all sunny and innocent, as the toddler becomes a conductor for the crowd. if you were there, it would've been a story you shared with coworkers the next day. if you weren't, well, you can still tell the story, thanks to the video. agency credits unknown.

best website: this site promotes the book, "no one belongs here more than you" by miranda july. again, such a human, human experience. it has mistakes, and tangents, and a fun story to follow that makes the "sell" of the book so charming. (yes, the site launched in 2007, but it wouldn't be an award show without someone ignoring the rules.)

best idea: cnn headline shirts. so very brilliant. it's a great example of finding an entirely new way to package an existing product, all while letting your audience serve as walking promotions for the brand. another brainchild of one of my favorite places, the barbarian group.

congratulations to all. you must be proud.

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