the importance of stories

yesterday, it was announced that after 7 years, i resigned from my job. the simplified reason i gave was, "i just need some new stories to tell." the picture here reminds me of just how important stories are.

i took this photo at 2 am yesterday morning on michigan avenue in chicago, in front of the garmin store. the temperature outside was 14˚F, with the wind chill at zero. yet, people were camping out, making friends, drinking coffee (or drinks that are like coffee, only they're beer), and waiting for the garmin store to open in the morning. that morning, garmin was giving away GPSs to the first 50 people. but more importantly, they were creating stories that would be told years after the free GPS stopped working - for the 50 people who received one, as well as for the 51st person who was too late.

in a perfect world, the promotion would've been tied closer to the product. (maybe you should've had to use the garmin website to locate specific coordinates where the giveaway was going to take place - thus showing off its accuracy.) guess they'll just have to settle for a bunch of people telling stories about how they wanted a garmin GPS so bad, they risked frostbite.

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