informative elevators

i've come to embrace the awkward silence of elevator rides. for years, i would succumb to pressure, and break the silence by asking people really, really personal questions. ("if burglars ransacked your house, what's the one thing you'd be most embarrassed about them finding?") now, i revel in the silence.

unless of course i'm staying at a W hotel, as i did in atlanta last weekend. at the W, there is no silence. there's just pumping dance music, and it creates an expectation among fellow elevator riders that i'm going to ask them to dance. so i do. but sometimes that's almost as awkward as silence.

fortunately, the W also features floor mats which they switch out 3 times a day - morning, afternoon, and evening. it's a nice touch, if a bit forced. (other memorable signage there includes the extra toilet paper roll - "Back-up Plan" - and the do not disturb sign - "When? Not quite yet") at least the floor mats give people in the elevators something to talk about in between songs.

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