an organ transplant question

i believe this is a companion to my favorite post so far. yesterday, i was behind this ford explorer pictured on the left or above, depending on how big your type displays. the sign on the back window alerted police and EMT that the vehicle was transplanting an organ and, in the event of an accident, the organ should try to be saved.

the question is, if you were to receive a transplanted organ, what brand of vehicle would you want carrying it to you? if you answered, "a salt-covered ford explorer with a broken right turn signal and its back hatch held closed by a bungie cord," um, congratulations and i hope you're recovering well.

personally, i'd want my organ to be put through some paces before it got to me. so if i had to choose, i would want my organ to be carried by foot over the sierra mountains by the descendants of the donner party. should it survive that journey, i would be at least 55-60% confident it would survive me.

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