the 2009 theme shall be the "year of discomfort"

i wish to apologize to both my regular readers for the 5-day delay in this posting. surely if you'd met the college friends who've been staying with us the last few days, you'd understand. and now for a belated post or two:

the personal goal for 2009 will be "discomfort." that is, it will be a year of diving into situations in which i'm not particularly apt, with the goal of learning lots of new things along the way. the first was resigning from my job. a rather dramatic beginning, for sure, but just a beginning nonetheless.

the name "year of discomfort" is a riff on the most accurate architectural name i've come across, barcelona's "block of discord." three of the region's most distinctive architects have buildings on the same block along Passeig de GrĂ cia (or "Garcia's street"). you can look at the pictures of the buildings individually. but until you walk the block, you won't feel the discombobulation they create as a unit. truly unsettling.

here's to more unsettling experiences in 2009.

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