benefits of the "year of discomfort"

as part of the celebration of the "year of discomfort", i'm taking a singing and strumming class at the old town school in chicago. i started learning guitar last year, and can play a bit, so strumming's no problem. but singing? vocally, i've got the range of a tetherball. so off i went into my first class last night, with the goal of being confident enough to publicly perform the first song i ever wrote. the song is called, "she's got a cramp in her virginia." it's dedicated to my wife. she's not unmad.

truth be told, the whole "year of discomfort" thing is a bit easy, no? after all, it's going to be an uncomfortable year for all of us, whether we declare it or not.

what i'm excited about, however, is the change these times create. being shaken from our malaise, forced to exit our comfort zone and find (or make up) new ground to cover. it happens on a personal level. as publications like forbes have pointed out, it also happens on a business level.

let's face it, turmoil is underrated.

as a person with a family, mortgage, no job, and a 401(d) (it used to be a "k" but it shrunk), i read the headlines and gulp. but as a marketer (or at least a person who helps them)? this year's going to be invigorating.

as many-a-client have said, the hardest part of our jobs is to change people's behaviors. well, that hurdle's gone. let's see what we can accomplish when we embrace chaos.

i'll bring the guitar.

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