the exciting conclusion of the account review

this week, both my readers asked if i could reveal the winner of the bank account review. so, sure. a quick recap, just in case a third reader has joined:

instead of merely GIVING my new small business checking account to a bank, i thought it would be beneficial to hold an account review, letting 7 banks compete for my business. the way i figured, it would hone the banks' customer acquisition skills, and make me feel special along the way. win-win.

in reality, however, only two banks provided the right kind of chemistry, Harris Bank and Corus Bank.

Harris Bank is a chicago institution. 281 branches in the midwest, 640 atms, and according to their website, they have a tier 1 risk-based capital ratio of 10.71%±, whatever that means.

Corus Bank? they have maybe 2 or 3 locations. or maybe it's just one, and they rotate it around abandoned buildings to look bigger.

following the typical pattern of account reviews, i'm going with the one that didn't make as much sense... Corus Bank.

i'd like to thank the 7,256 dedicated employees at Harris Bank for their splendid effort in... well, in sending me one email. technically, they sent two. the second one, while personal and friendly, came 14 days after the first and after i'd made my final decision. considering that wars have been fought and won in six days, waiting 14 days for an email just seemed like a bad sign.

so congratulations, Corus Bank. i look forward to a long and satisfying small business checking account relationship. unless you slip up once. then, i'm calling Harris.

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