first account review of 2009?

i formed another company recently, a creative consultancy called 15 ideas, from which to freelance until i find a shinier, happier home. as part of that company formation, i need to open a checking account.

being from the advertising world, i decided to hold a review to see who can impress me enough to win my account. the review was a closely-held secret, lest i be buried in a deluge of bank pitch materials. since we're in the final negotiations with the winner already, i feel safe in revealing the participants.

they were: Chase, Harris Bank, Bank of America, Corus Bank, Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual, and Citibank.

i'd like to tell you it was a close competition among worthy competitors. knowing these are tough times in the financial world, i thought we'd really see banks go out on a limb to win my business. sadly, that was not the case. we'll compare responses and reveal the winning bid in the next few days.

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