the glove search continues

you remember the glove i lost yesterday? so do i. i'm trying to harness the power of social media to find it, and while the glove hasn't been found, what HAS been found is a community - a loving, supportive community.

my facebook group already has multiple members. i've picked up a few followers on twitter so they can intently monitor the search. the black glove's myspace profile has one friend, tom anderson, who looks like a really friendly guy. and the craig's list posting has elicited the usual craig's list responses. one guy said he was one-handed so i could have his extra glove (unfortunately, it was the wrong hand). another respondent thought they saw my glove at a wal-mart in addison, illinois. i can't imagine it's the same one though. addison is pretty far.

the weather around here is supposed to stay cold for a while, so i'm getting desperate. that's why i've posted a picture of how the glove looks from the other side. i don't think it's the glove's best side, but hey, if it'd help someone to locate the glove, why not?

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