Heinz Week continues, unintentionally

just watched the steelers beat the chargers at heinz field in pittsburgh. and in the same hour, i came across this brand promotion that never happened:

back in 1941 (that was, like, when friendster was popular), joe dimaggio had a record hitting streak of 56 consecutive games. when it ended, he missed getting a $10,000 bonus heinz was offering if the streak had reached 57, the number of varieties heinz said it had (though there were actually more). it doesn't seem as inspirational as taco bell's "everyone in america gets a free taco" but smart nonetheless.

next week, we'll move on to mustard stories just to balance things out.


Bolshevik said...

That smells of conspiracy to me. Really? One short of the $10,000 bonus?

15 ideas said...

indeed. obviously cleveland indians third baseman ken keltner was in on the plan, what with his two brilliant defensive stops. and al smith and jim bagby pitched a great game as well.

geez, i remember that game so vividly, it's like i just read about it a minute ago.