just don't start a business name with just

let's all agree on this general rule: don't name your business in a way that limits its ability to do business.

for instance, don't name yourself One Price Cleaners, because maybe someday, there's a remote possibility you'll need to create a second (or god forbid, third) price.

don't name yourself Boston Chicken because - just spitballing here - you may want to add menu items that aren't chicken.

and don't name yourself Just Windows because then you'll have to say, "Just Windows... and a Whole Lot More!" on your website, and that's just no way for a brand to speak.


founder, 15 ideas (at least!)


Paulo A. Pereira said...

Here in New Jersey/New York I have seen a bunch of dry cleaners that are named similarly. But I have noticed with these cleaners the price is locked in for a year or two depending on how popular they are. Then after a year the raise the price a bit. The name stays the same they just change the sign with the price in the window.

It happened to me I stumble upon a dry cleaner 3 years ago that said any shirt $1.00. It became very popular in the neighborhood then after a year and half it went up to $1.25 now its up to $1.95. I'm guessing either they'll lower the price or it will be locked at $1.95 for a while.

Greg Christensen said...


Just tomatoes. And potentially, everything else in the universe, depending on what you associate tomatoes with.