on committing

we were at kuma's corner tonight, which is the El Bulli of heavy metal-themed burger joints.

even on a snowy night, the place attracted a huge crowd that had more ink showing than skin.

the tattoo thing always leaves me flummoxed (or "not unflummoxed"). i find it hard to relate to anything permanent, really. give people 10 years, and we'll change jobs, cars, computers, spouses, cities, dogs, careers, clothes, musical tastes, maybe even phone companies as long as we can stay on the line long enough to speak with a representative. i don't know how people can commit to ANYTHING permanent, even if it is imprinted on one's nether regions.

yeah, commitment is tough. apparently, unless you're the governor of illinois (for now).

the photo above was taken back when illinois governor rod blagojevich was a young boxer. these days, people laugh at his hairstyle, which looks like the picture only... wait, no, it's pretty much the same. the fact that he could stick with that 'do for decades? see, i begrudgingly admire that type of commitment - though at this point, like a tattoo, altering that hairstyle probably requires laser surgery.

we expect people to go through phases, so it's easy to accept. but brands? we really don't want our brands changing. once we've figured them out, we like them to stay just as they are, if only so we don't have to think about them anymore. for example, watching volvo try to change its image away from safety is one of the longest-running comedies in marketing.

maybe people are learning from brands. maybe part of personal branding makes it worthwhile to minimize personal change and commit to one image.

i suppose it'd be a lot easier if you land yourself into a sweet pompadour.

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