predictability (the good kind)

i like walking into a store and thinking, "this is EXACTLY what the brand experience should be at the store level." this sign outside the nike store made me think about it. in case one of my two readers are viewing this on a mobile screen, it reads, "in our hearts, we are always twelve years old. and we are always the quarterback." speaking as a twelve year-old quarterback, i can honestly say, that quote gives me goosepimples.

when nike first opened their store in chicago, their hours were posted as being from 10:02:36 am until 5:58:41 pm. which, i believe, is the citizen kane of store hour signs.

next door at the garmin store, they have their store's latitude and longitude posted on the windows of the store. they make GPS's - of course they'd have the latitude and longitude listed.

pinkberry (currently only in NY and california) is another recent favorite. they've done a nice job of creating a unique store environment out of what's essentially a parity product - frozen yogurt. unique metal slats out front. clean, colorful items on shelves inside. according to the company, the stores are "designed to kindle the senses."

consider me kindled.

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