so NOW what do we do?

if you have nothing to do next wednesday from 5-7:30, and you may be in the vicinity of rockit at 22 w. hubbard in chicago, and you think you'll be kind of thirsty and hungry, and there are fifty dollars that are taking up way too much room in your wallet, perhaps you should maybe consider attending a creative panel discussion i'm co-chairing.

it's titled, "so NOW what do we do? (how marketing changed from, like, 5 minutes ago)"

it's about how marketing has changed from, like, 5 minutes ago. it features people who are helping lead the change - bob thacker from office max, heidi skinner from critical mass, roy skillicorn from seed/backyard productions, maybe billy dec from rockit ranch productions, maybe another special guest.

full event information can be found here. tickets can be had by calling 847.375.4728.

hope to see you there. sorry for the hard sell.


Greg Christensen said...

1. Any video feeds? Any post-discussion YouTube posts?

2. The teriyaki salmon is awesome.

15 ideas said...

1. no live feeds, but we'll be taping for potential future postings on the chicago ad federation site. i'll post a link if and when it's up.

2. teriyaki salmon pales in comparison to the bbq chicken salad, no tomatoes.