"we're going streaking through the quad! come on, everybody!"

i always think of this scene from Old School when i see brands act the way st. joseph aspirin is acting. two weeks ago, they ran this ad. like a bare-butted will farrell, the brand is a relative stranger to the audience (at least from a marketing angle). yet, they've grabbed the mic and delivered a rallying cry for everyone to lead a healthier life. ok, leading a healthier life seems like a better idea than streaking through the quad to the gymnasium. i'll go along with it and visit the microsite.

in a word? yech.

in 109 words? if you're going to use an advocacy strategy (and i'm a big fan of that), give people the tools to follow - to become advocates themselves, and to spread the movement. there's none of that here. what visitors get are tips to live a healthier life. ("exercise more and eat better." thank god SOMEONE finally put that on the interweb.) there's also a world map to show where various countries' health ranks, but less than half the countries work. and there's the "real age" test to show how healthy your body really is. no email sign-ups. no events. nothing share-able. nothing to turn st. joseph's bluster into real action.

i waited a couple weeks, hoping there would be a follow up. but like will farrell, the brand has disappeared into the night after making a fool of itself. (though not nearly as humorously.)

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