anything in this picture remind you of your brand?

if you haven't heard, these are desperate times. and while the saying is "desperate times call for desperate measures," the photo here shows why that's not always true.

pictured is a man attending a job fair for perspective teachers. he was quoted as saying he wore the chicken suit because he wanted to make sure he stuck out among the crowd.

as a banner once read, "mission accomplished."

he exhibits the same desperate tendencies as marketers these days - scream louder, act sillier, do anything for attention. compare that to the Hyundai commercial that's been running lately. it certainly isn't one of the most arresting spots, but it's one of the smartest. it says if you buy a Hyundai now, and lose your job in the next year, you can return the car without any negative impact on your credit.

the spot shows it's possible to create an offer that recognizes the economic environment.

even without a chicken suit.

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