a confession/sponsorship announcement

i've received a number of emails regarding the halftime sponsorship mention from "Stella Artois. The Beer for Illinois" in my post yesterday.

in an effort to avoid stirring up as much controversy as the SNL/pepsi/super bowl incident, i want to apologize for failing to previously divulge my blog's sponsorship deal with stella artois.

as both my readers know, running a blog is not cheap, and in today's economy, it makes sense to seek partnerships that provide additional revenue opportunities. working with the people at stella artois, i'm confident the 15 ideas blog can continue to be a one-stop-shop for people who need to know very little about a couple semi-marketing-related things.

unlike many sponsorship deals, the user experience here at 15 ideas isn't going to go all NASCAR on you. there will be no flashy ads screaming about happy hour specials. instead, stella artois will be worked into posts ONLY WHERE APPROPRIATE.

speaking of appropriate, i think now's the perfectly appropriate time to stop typing and enjoy a chalice of Stella Artois. The Beer for Illinois.

mmmm! delicious!


Anonymous said...

R U Serious? Is this a joke? R U Actually paying to use Blogger?

15 ideas said...

the 15 ideas CFO tends to consolidate our expenses, so i haven't seen a line item cost for the blog, but i'm confident it's substantial.