dj print-daddy?

saw an interesting ad on pandora yesterday from epson's new campaign. it asked people to adjust 3 factors they like in music, and it would create a pandora station based on those factors. so i created a station. i went with a pretty fast beat, leaned toward the "funkatastic," and on the "popularity" factor, i weighed heavy on the "obscure indies."

right now, peter, bjorn and john's not-obscure-at-all "young folks" is playing. before that, it was bob marley's "redemption song" and before that, some song by 311. the 311 song alone may keep me from ever buying an epson printer.

kidding. maybe.

the point is, if your brand is trying to make a more personal connection with your audience, make sure it's the right kind of connection.

and by "right" i mean "no 311."

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