hey! why isn’t my key working?

today marks my final day of a really rewarding journey.

eight years ago, two friends and i started a creative boutique called hadrian’s wall with the simple philosophy, “do good work for people you like.” and we did – for six years as hadrian’s wall, and for the last two years as zig’s chicago office. if you ever have the opportunity to create a similar journey, take it. (twice, if you can.)

i want to thank to my original partners, steve (without whose prompting and vision, the agency wouldn’t have existed) and thomas (whose generosity in allowing us to take over his home for the first few years helped realize our goal of creating “a culture that makes our employees’ friends jealous”).

thanks also to the people who helped make the agency’s philosophy a reality (roughly in order of appearance, wendy, mollie, greg, kelly, tom, tara, andrea, elizabeth, natalie, chad, geoff, mary, carlie, julie, katrina, janay, chris, aaron, vince, ryan, and a passel of interns, freelancers, and general hangers-on). thanks as well to the talented bunch of torontonians at zig.

finally, thanks to all our clients who served the role of “people we like” wonderfully and who are, fortunately for both my blog readers, too numerous to list.

i wish everyone well and look forward to what’s next.

(by the way, pictured above is the agency on our 1-year anniversary trip to the other hadrian’s wall. who knew there was one in england too?)

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Janay said...

Awwww. Thanks for having us, Kevin.