marketing for the underhanded

i was at the at&t store yesterday for a couple hours while they printed a form for me. during either the third or fourth hour, look who walked in: the verizon "can you hear me now" guy.

here's my question: was he was hired by verizon (to show how bad at&t is, since he appeared dissatisfied)? by at&t (to show that even the verizon guy uses at&t)? or by sprint, etc. (to show he doesn't like verizon enough to use them, and at&t is pissing him off as well)?

ok, technically that's 3 questions.

regardless, it was a dirty - and admirable - tactic. knowing that 86% of our lives are now captured on someone's cell phone camera, maybe it makes sense for the golden arches to find a Jared look-alike and have him eat at mcdonald's.

of course, unless your brand has an impish sense of humor, these tactics could come off leaving you looking conniving instead of how most brands should look - confident in who they are.

like Stella Artois, The Beer for Illinois. now there's a confident brand.

i'm sure there are other examples. that one just happened to pop into my mind first.

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