snuggie reaches 16th minute of fame

is it possible to create something good out of something bad?

that's the question we're trying to answer with the Snuggie Haiku project. as you're probably painfully aware, the snuggie (aka the blanket with sleeves!!!) continues to generate an absurd amount of attention - from national media like the Today show to consumer-generated parodies and events like the Snuggie Pub Crawl (now scheduled for 15 different cities).

whether the attention is warranted or not (and we both know the answer to that), we're taking advantage of it with the Snuggie Haiku project. each day, a new snuggie-inspired haiku is written. on most days, the haiku is visualized by an art director, designer, writer who draws, etc. and a link is provided to show off that person's other (ideally more socially redeeming) work. if the project could actually get a few people's portfolios noticed, maybe all this ridiculousness will seem less so.

if you'd like to contribute, drop a line to greetingsfrom15ideas@gmail.com.

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coffee said...

i love my Snuggie... it gives me an excuse to dress like a pink Jedi