thank you chicago, goodnight!

last night marked my guitar-playing public debut, and while i didn't have a camera on stage, this photo pretty much duplicates the scene.

for all the fan sites that will surely be springing up, this was the official set list:

1. fake plastic trees by radiohead (i was a bit amped, so it sounded more like the chipmunks covering radiohead. other than that, crushed it.)

2. crazy (it was the gnarles barkley song, as interpreted by ray lamontagne, as misinterpreted by me. this is the one that, years from now, people will still be talking about.)

3. i go to the barn because i like the... by band of horses (it's weird - when i sing along to the actual song, it sounds a lot better than it did last night)

4. we're going to be friends by white stripes (joined onstage by my daughter. i know, "awww." truth be told, i really had to carry her in that third verse.)

you'll note none of the songs are originals. upon further review, i felt the song i was going to debut, Stanley the Bipolar Bear, just wasn't up to snuff, and i wanted to make sure the crowd took me seriously as an artist.

to rectify, my next class will be songwriting. a year from now, i can see the b-side to stanley, tentatively titled Satan's My Homeboy, on heavy club rotation.

rock on.


Mike said...

If you're looking for a relatively easy song with I'm-incredibly-deep emotional cred, try "Hurt" as sung by Johnny Cash. Pretty simple chord changes overall. It's my initial foray into sore fingersville. http://www.guitarnoise.com/lesson/hurt/

Mike said...

Also... no Whiskey a Go Go?

15 ideas said...

nice suggestion on hurt. i may add it to the setlist on my next tour. on whiskey a go go, i went with the troubador as LA's entry. clearly, the list - she is incomplete.