truthiness in advertising

the latest salmonella outbreak has stricken more than 500 people in 43 states. the main culprit is the cleverly named Peanut Corporation of America. according to news reports, the georgia company's plant regularly has rodents, roaches, and mold. equally disturbing, the logo on their building doesn't match the logo on their website. (always a sign of a troubled company.)

in spite of, well, everything, the company's tagline remains intact on their website: "Processor of the World's Finest Peanut Products."

i don't believe taglines are a necessity these days, and i certainly don't believe taglines should follow rules, but here's one exception: if you have to have a tagline, make sure it isn't a lie.

on a related note, if i were the salmon industry, i'd perhaps consider lobbying the US department of agriculture to change the term "salmonella."


Anonymous said...

Why do people respond well to aerial advertising

15 ideas said...

great. so now this blog has two human readers and a SPAM program reader.