what, me worry?

maybe if brands weren't sounding so desperate overall, i wouldn't have noticed this outdoor board yesterday. but they are, so i did.

the shrug-of-the-shoulders headline reads, "from time to time, we have advertising space available." from time to time? have we learned NOTHING from rosser reeves? i figured such casualness meant they were doing wonderfully, so i called to find out what they were doing right.

the company is harvest outdoor, a small independent, and truth be told, they're quite eager to fill some outdoor space. it's just that, unlike so many other brands these days, they've chosen not to pass any of their own sales pressures on to the rest of us, recognizing we have our own problems to worry about.

to paraphrase an old client of mine, consumers are like landlords - they can smell fear. something to keep in mind if - ok, when - when you're feeling scared.

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