what's more expensive, making a duplicate key or ruining a positive customer experience?

you can no doubt see the foot-long spoon pictured to the left. what you might not see is the small key dangling at the end. this is what you're handed if you make the mistake of needing to go to the bathroom at chipotle.

chipotle does a lot of things right at the customer experience level - from the clean design to the easy-to-figure-out menu to the low counters that give customers a view of their food's preparation. so it's surprising to see all that undone by being handed the Club of bathroom keys.

creating a positive customer experience is like earning trust: it can take only one breach to unravel. being burdened with a round, steel object that announces you're going to the bathroom may not deter customers from returning. but they might be more inclined to get their orders to go.

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Nick said...

Funny, I found myself in a very similar situation yesterday while at a Starbucks. Because it was downtown they required a key to enter. Fair Enough. But when I asked for the key the barrista told me it was "just over there on top of the pastry case"...Sure enough, there is was all red 8x10 serving tray board and all. The key was literally attached to a red, plastic serving tray of about 8x10 inches.

Needless to say, I was a bit irritated. The fact that they would have the bathroom key sitting in plain sight on top of the pastry case and that is was like carrying a giant red cafeteria tray.

Not cool, Starbucks. Not Cool.