the 140 characters of twitter™ (part 2)

the stories behind those 140 characters of twitter, continued from yesterday.

21) Sully, age unknown (pictured): Not content to just watch as the next generation takes away all the good jobs, Sully tried to emulate them, beginning with a popped collar.

22) Janine, 37: Janine maneuvers the jog stroller around other new moms thinking that, at the pace they’re walking, they’ll never lose that baby weight.

23) Sherman, 36: Sherman knows the difference between a JLR0550 and a JLR0555 from across the room. He could practically install the dang thing blindfolded.

24) Vasquez, 24: Vasquez (aka DJ Vast) just did a remix with the great Futura2000. Vinyl drops april 3rd 2009 and digital/CD goes out april 24th 2009. C U

25) Judith, 68: Judith struggled at the cocktail party. How does she casually bring up that she was once on the cover of the Brazilian edition of Vogue? Hmm

26) Yahoo, 55: Yahoo Serious signed yet another Young Einstein poster, promoted his new film about the Kokoda Track campaign, and wondered how he got here.

27) Charles, 94: Charles never talked about WWII. On the shelf was a coconut with a love note carved into it that he sent Betty in 1943, and it said enough.

28) Tamiko, 43: Tamiko didn’t know she’d be placed at the epicenter of the Pluto-as-Planet debate nor did she know the toll it would take on her personally.

29) Cynthia, 49: Cynthia waved her friends off, promising she’d head home after one more. As they left the bar, she smiled at the young, hard-working busboy.

30) Hilary, 32: Hilary hates being a publicist, especially on Sundays when the press is bored and her client is being held on DUI and hit-and-run charges.

31) Linda, 54: Linda likes the Keno game with the fireworks graphics, because she always has better luck. Last week she won $5. The week before, $8.50.

32) Madison, 16: Madison is 16 but her sister Ashley’s ID makes her 19 and a few winks at the bartender makes her 21 and SoCo and lime makes a great starter.

33) Tim, 61: Tim says you don’t know what happened out there in Khe Sanh. You don’t know because you weren’t there, hear me? YOU WEREN’T THERE!

34) Baker, 6: Baker likes riding his bike because it’s blue and blue is faster than red except Ethan’s bike because Ethan’s is faster even though it’s red.

35) Maya, 37: Maya opened the shoebox and pulled out her Devi Kroells. They held special power, she believed. Tonight, she would use that power for good.

36) Gary, 54: Gary is busy this weekend, you know, a little of this, a little of that. He’s helping a friend move a couch Saturday. Maybe head into town.

37) Danielle, 20: Yes, Danielle remembers being warned about dating her Asian Studies professor. But those warnings can’t stop the tears. Not now they can’t.

38) Akira, 42: Akira should have known better than to date one of his students. Did he not remember what happened with Stephanie? And Heather? And Laura?

39) Alexis, 14: Alexis’ friends had long ago abandoned Club Penguin, but Alexis couldn’t help herself. There, she was royalty – a queen – and it felt good.

40) Evelyn, 85: Evelyn was just trying to help her daughter-in-law fold clothes, not insult the way she kept house. If only her son had married Jennifer…

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