the 140 characters of twitter™ (part 4)

the continuation of the stories behind those 140 characters of twitter. (view the first, second, and third installments.)

61) Javier, 32: Javier figured by the third-generation, his family would’ve sold the restaurant. But there he stood, taking orders for beef “chimichangas.”

62) Richard, 32: Richard was on his third date with Laura but he liked her. So if she had an issue with him wanting to wear her Spanks, he’d rather know now.

63) Arjun, 3: Though Arjun is but a toddler, he carries the name and burden of the warrior-prince of the Mahabharata. His parents remind him of it daily.

64) John, 38: John didn’t necessarily want to be known around the office as “Blue Man Groupie” but Gerald in purchasing couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut.

65) Shreya, 49: Shreya checked the currency to see what country she was in. 8 more presentations in 3 countries to go. See? It’s GOOD she never had kids.

66) Danisha, 23: The more Danisha works on her leopard-pint hat-with-MP3-player, the more she questions the value of her correspondence fashion class.

67) Michael, 48: Michael gets home late again. Thankfully, she’s fallen asleep. It’s hard to remember when he loved her. They have to talk. But not tonight.

68) Brandon, 11: Brandon is the best pitcher on the team. Is Nicholas better? Hardly. Justin? Throws like a girl. Brandon’s the best. Why can’t his mom help?

69) Mary, 35: Mary’s son Brendon is the best pitcher in the team. Are those other boys better? Nicholas and what’s his name? Hardly. Time to call coach.

70) Lisa, 36: Lisa has only worked at Costco for 3 days, but she’s already figured out she doesn’t HAVE to box people’s groceries if she doesn’t want to.

71) Duncan, 42 (or 7 in people years): Do you have a ball? Duncan sure would like a ball. Duncan would chase the ball then put it in his mouth. Are you sure you don’t have a ball?

72) Larry, 38: Larry wondered what activities to list in his online dating profile. Would Texas Hold ‘Em be a red flag? Maybe he should put it, like, 3rd.

73) Kia, 46: Kia’s lucky numbers are 14, 12, 2, 39, 28, and 11. The first number is drawn – 14. The second number – 8. There’ll be no good beer tonight.

74) Kysha, 28: The morning after the party, Kysha found $375 in her pocket. She’d never carry that much cash. She’d never do a lot of the things she did.

75) Spencer, 54: Spencer rewards the palette with an expressive and complex aroma of licorice, cherry and cedar, with a finish of long and graceful symmetry.

76) Constantine, 61: Constantine keeps her Harley XL 1200C out of sight of the neighbors. Sure, they’ve seen her roaring away. But who wants to ask about it?

77) Kenneth, 39: Kenneth knew he’d FINALLY earned the trust of his superiors when he was put in charge of the code changes for Tax Detail File (MEM.7.120-1).

78) Justin, 22: Justin wants to know who’s up for another round?!? Merk, you pussy! You up? Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooo!

79) Chelsea, 17: Chelsea finished soccer practice at 5. Her friends were going to the boys’ varsity game, but she promised her parents she’d be home by 6.

80) Mark, 57: Mark’s been an advocate for the planet since the 60s. But as society finally follows, he wonders if it isn’t just corporatism in disguise.

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