another st. patrick's day parade, another hundred stories

not content with limiting st. patrick's day to a mere day, the city of chicago generally begins its st. patrick's day celebration on march 18th of the previous year.

the official downtown parade was yesterday. we were scheduled to participate, but at the last minute, after hours of rigorous "preparation," our three trolleys were re-routed to a place where the parade wasn't. translation: our whole group was kicked out of the parade.

as if that weren't memorable enough, our trolley broke down in the middle of the street on the way to the bar afterward. (note the long line of traffic backing up behind it.)

if for some reason your st. patrick's day celebration isn't/wasn't as, um, interesting, i urge you to join the good people of Guinness by supporting Proposition 317 to make st. patrick's day a national holiday.

thank you.

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