creating believability

saw two interesting signs in the past couple weeks. one was from five guys, the other from subway. they're a quick study in how to create and deliver believability at the store level. first, five guys:

here, they have a dry erase board showing where the fires came from on that particular day. (and by "fires" i mean "fries". oops.) the fact that it's handwritten daily really delivers a message of freshness. the fact that the fries came from the potato capital of the world, idaho, delivers a quality message as well. nice touch. now on to subway:

just because you USE the word "delicious" doesn't mean that's what you're communicating. if this sign had a voice, it would be monotone, delivered with all the enthusiasm of an assistant manager on his last shift at Circuit City.

they're both simple signs, but the level of believability they convey couldn't be differenter.

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