dear traffic reporter: not your best work

one of the greatest things about al gore's internet is the conversation aspect of communications. that's also one of its drawbacks.

to wit: 38 minutes ago, a news report was posted on the chicago tribune site warning people of multiple crashes in this morning's foggy weather. already, one person has offered feedback using the ever-so-popular rating system.

he/she gave the report 3 stars out of 5.

not 1 star (geez, you got the facts wrong) or 5 stars (wow, you really nailed it. thanks for the warning - i'm staying in), but 3. i'm not sure what the criteria is for 3 stars. the report was accurate, but you were unmoved by the language?

while consumer feedback sites like yelp continue to grow in popularity, examples like this make you wonder how the legitimacy of online feedback will be viewed on the long run.

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