follow-up week continues

back in january, there was a post about st. joseph aspirin's new ad campaign, naturally titled "we're going streaking through the quad!" it pointed out the difficulty a brand has in starting a movement, especially when the audience hasn't heard from that brand in years.

yesterday, i saw this follow-up ad, which brought the whole "movement" aspect to the forefront. so i went back to the campaign's microsite, figuring they'd at least added social media tools to make this movement a reality.

they didn't. in fact, upon further review, i'm now convinced this site will be used as exhibit A in the case of The People vs. Companies Who Waste Our Time With Bad Microsites. look at the world map page, which shows how each country's life expectancy ranks.

go on, look at it. i'll wait.

notice that, between all of north and south america, there are only 6 countries shown: the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, a small country at the southern tip of south america which doesn't have a name, and the fine country of Alaska. perhaps i shouldn't be complaining - africa has no countries' rankings shown at all.

i've sent the people at st. joseph a request to be compensated for dithering away my time on such a useless site. barring a satisfactory response, i'm afraid i'll have to consider a class-action suit.

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