a lesson in marketing awesomeness

only 2 more days before josh freese's new cd is released. josh is a session drummer for lots of bands, and a member of a perfect circle, the vandals, and devo (?!?). he's about to release a new cd, only instead of just offering music, he's offering music and a foot massage, or music and a dinner at the cheesecake factory. watch the video or see his website for details.

the approach has garnered tons of national press already, and gives his fans a way to connect even tighter with the artist. all for the cost that any band - or brand - could afford.


Anonymous said...

Man, i sure wish i had an extra 75 grand.

15 ideas said...

indeed. it's a bummer that taking shrooms and cruising Hollywood in Danny from TOOL's lamborgini couldn't be priced more affordable.