it's like an ncaa tournament 365 days a year

every march, various studies are rolled out to show how much productivity is wasted by workers who are following march madness instead of what they SHOULD be doing: worrying about getting laid off.

however, i'm convinced that, with the continued democratization of ideas, so many time-sucking-but-cool ideas are born on the web each day, it's like we've spawned millions of little Davidsons.

my two favorite distractions today? snckrz, which tweaks the latest round of snickers ads with a customize-able label and a live twitter feed. (by coincidence, i was going to tweak the ads as well, but my plan was just to bitch on a blog. i like their tweak better.)

the other favorite distraction today is ten:15, a website where people upload photos of what they're doing at exactly 10:15 am every day.

of course, i know where i'll be at 10:15 am two weeks from now. Go Green!

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