use what you got

this weekend, i was walking around a small town in california, belmont shore, when i noticed this shadow of a parking meter. only, it wasn't sunny out. instead, an artist had painted the shadow. it was kinda eye-catching. as i continued to walk, i saw there were quite a few parking meter "shadows," each more clever than the last. it was a small environmental nuance, but it added to the enjoyment of strolling around their main drag, and i could imagine the art encouraging people to walk a bit farther, just to see what's next.

and it was a nice lesson for brands: use (or at least consider using) any and all physical assets to create memorability - whether it be packaging, the retail environment, or the product itself. the cost is often cheap for the value it delivers.

here are a few more examples. enjoy. i did.


Mike said...

Another cool shadow idea/execution: http://www.woostercollective.com/2008/09/workin_with_shadows_in_kaunas_lithuania.html

15 ideas said...

fun stuff - thanks for passing it on.