what some bloggers will do for attention...

Tom, Dick & Harry is one of the better creative boutiques here in chicago, run by some great guys, none of whom are named tom, dick, or harry. (for the record, there's no thomas, richard, or harold either.)

one of the aforementioned partners, michael herlehy, is battling Hodgkin's which, unlike so many other forms of cancer, is rather unpleasant. you can read about his battle on the incredibly engaging blog he's writing. better yet, you can join his friends and family for a fundraiser tomorrow evening. if you can't make it but still wish to make a contribution, you can do so through the same link. it'd be great to see both my readers there.

by the way, the image shown above is one that came up when i googled "herlehy family crest." i thought it was particularly appropriate. michael, keep up the fight.

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