a clever headline using the word "epic" goes here

of all the boards i'm on, my favorite one is a new organization here in chicago called EPIC. EPIC brings together talented creative people with non-profits in need of talented creative people. in 8 short weeks, we produce whatever work is needed - be it new identity, collateral, an ad campaign, an event.

tonight kicks off our latest effort ("rally" in EPIC-speak). i'm heading up a team that's doing work for barrel of monkeys, which teaches creative writing in chicago public schools, then performs the stories students have written. if you're interested, check out their public performance of the aforementioned stories in their weekly show, That's Weird Grandma. i saw it earlier today. the audience gets to vote out a few stories each week, which means the show is never the same twice. so if you've seen it, see it again. if you haven't seen it, see it. if you hate going outside, please just send a donation and make our lives easier, will you?

this has been a public service announcement, apparently.

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