creativity in the workplace

when you're in marketing, being creative is in your job description. most other job occupants have to try harder.

which is why i appreciated the handiwork of a parking ticket writer this morning. instead of affixing the parking ticket to a traditional place such as a side mirror or windshield, this person creatively hoisted the parking ticket to the antenna, like a flag for all to see.

it reminded me of my previous career at the It's-It ice cream company near san francisco. i worked in the factory, on the ice cream bar line. it was my job to make sure all the ice cream bars had wooden sticks, but it wasn't long before i added a little creativity to the job by introducing the "2-stick" ice cream bar and the "stick-with-funny-messages-written-on-it" ice cream bar.

this partially explains why my previous career lasted one day. i hope the parking ticket writer has more understanding superiors.

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