do it for the children

this friday, i have the pleasure of speaking to a group of students looking to break into advertising or other related tenebrous industries. when it comes to the job market, hell and handbasket have become best of chums, so i think it makes sense to focus on how to get your first job.

it's an hour-long presentation. as luck would have it, i just realized everything i know can be summed up in 13 1/2 minutes. so if you have any advice (either that you heard as a student, or that you've made up since), please let me know at greetingsfrom15ideas at gmail dot com.

and don't say "speak slower." that's how i got to 13 1/2 minutes.


Megan Colleen said...

Sometimes when I taught at Jeff's school I showed them my first book that got me my first job. Good ice breaker. You should show them your wedding invitation!

15 ideas said...

good thought - i'm guessing the wedding invitation industry is as recession-proof as they come.