hello my name is... unmemorable

in a desperate attempt to distract you from last night's game results, i would like to point out a missed branding effort from state farm.

at the final four this past weekend, state farm was kind enough to give everyone in attendance a seat cushion with the official final four logo on one side, and the state farm logo on the other.

and the connection is?

i liken sponsorship efforts such as this to wearing a name tag at a party. just because you do so doesn't mean people will remember you. ah, but say something memorable (be it funny, sad, insightful, whatever), and chances are, the crowd will take note.

state farm spent a lot of money on this tournament in tv as well. having viewed some of their commercials a few hundred times (that comment was for you, media planners), i'm still not sure what state farm's relevance is to the ncaa tournament. like voicing doubts about north carolina's depth, the opportunity for marketers to just say their name and expect a lift has long passed.

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