it's not that i had bad seats - it's just that i'm really tall

not that you can't tell by looking at the photo, but i saw m ward last night - awesome show. i really wanted to see him because this week, i start my new songwriting class and i needed some inspiration. my last songwriting class was a bit disappointing - the only song we wrote was about a panda bear who worked in IT (i wish i were making that up) so my new ditty "satan is my homeboy" remains largely unwritten.


jim schmidt said...

songwriting class? jesus. dylan took woody guthrie 101. lennon/mccartney took elvis 100, holly 200 and audited little richard and the everly brothers. the stones flunked muddy waters 100 the first time and then passed. as for m. ward, he took advanced john fahey. did your teacher caveat the class by saying the greatest pop songs of all time were written by people who never took a class in songwriting?

15 ideas said...

good points, as usual. however, considering the fact that 1) i don't actually know how to play guitar and 2) i'm not a very good student, i'm not too worried about turning into the next third eye blind.