more city marketing notes

earlier this week, we talked chicago (the city, not the band). now, let's talk boston (again, city not band).

i was walking around there yesterday for the first time in a while, and had a new-found appreciation for one of my favorite civic efforts, the Freedom Trail. it's that simple red brick trail that leads you through the city's most famous historical sites - a cost effective way to make a place feel more welcoming and easier to navigate.

the trail's been around since 1951, long before al gore invented the interwebs, but it manages to do what a good online experience does - it guides you to new places while leaving you in control the whole way.

during the journey, you can read about another personal favorite, james otis, who was an original signer of the declaration of independence but who later, it is noted, "became unhinged from reason and fell into a mad freak."



Anonymous said...

And then he was hit by lightning. Also awesome.

Megan Colleen said...

Is the Littlest Bar still there? Near Faneuil Hall...?

Megan Colleen said...

Just Googled it, the original one is gone. Can't imagine the new one is really little, they serve food. But I wonder if it's all little food...?

15 ideas said...

hit by lightning indeed. according to signage along the way, he was actually hit by lightning TWICE. awesome, part 3.

as for the littlest bar, i was more a pete's pub guy, though the place has gone to hell since they cleaned up the Big Dig.