more on wasteful sponsorships

today, i'm heading to chase field, my 26th major league baseball stadium out of 32.

in spite of being a reasonably aware sports fan, i didn't know i was headed to chase field. i was still calling it by its original, more likeable nickname. let's try this:

off the top of your head, do you know who plays in chase field? how about progressive field? citi field? which team plays in the stadium named after tropicana? or minute maid? how many names has at&t park had since it opened less than a decade ago? (assuming, of course, you know where at&t park is. here's a hint: it's the city whose nfl team has changed its stadium name 4 times in 15 years.) and who plays in great american ballpark?

better yet, why great american ballpark?

that last question is being answered by the great american insurance company, which has had the naming rights to the cincinnati reds' stadium for the last 6 years. on opening day this year, they had banners behind home plate which had the great american logo and a headline that read something like, "the name behind the great american ballpark." clearly, research showed people didn't know the connection.

what they should've asked is if people cared.

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