the ol' "exploding chimney" excuse

not saying i would, but IF i ever needed to hire an assassin, i would start my search at club lago. it's a very authentic italian joint in river north. if you've eaten there, you've no doubt been chatted up by guido and giancarlo, the brothers who run the joint and whose names are, in fact, guido and giancarlo.

wandering by there today, i saw a darkened restaurant and a long-winded sign in the window explaining how the neighboring building's chimney exploded, demolishing club lago's kitchen, among other things. the explanation is poorly worded in places (don't tell guido i said that), and it includes facts that aren't pertinent, but it manages to reflect the brand well - it's human, it's conversational, and it tells the story in a way that helps customers feel vested in its future.

simple, and oh so smart.

a side note about the photo: i use a really smooth iPhone app called Air Me to automatically upload photos to an online account. the app tags the photo with a time and place it was taken. usually, it's accurate. this photo, however, was identified as being from "Little Hell."


Dan Consiglio said...

i love that sign. what a simple idea that goes such a long way. you can guarantee there will be an even stronger fan base when they reopen...thanks for posting

15 ideas said...

yeah, but unexplained in all this is, how the hell does a chimney explode at 7 in the morning? guido, any thoughts on that?