sedona rocks

i finally had a chance to see the majestic city of sedona, arizona yesterday. as for how the town is marketed, according to the tourism bureau, sedona "has mesmerized artists, challenging them to capture its splendor."

what the site didn't mention is, all the artists seem to be trying to "capture its splendor" by designing cheesy tourist t-shirts.

some of the more entrepreneurial artists have even opened entire t-shirt shops or, as the locals call them, "art galleries."

one artist at least has an original slant on the t-shirt shop (sorry, art gallery) idea by mixing sedona's red dirt into the t-shirts, which helps distinguish this particular gallery selection.

at least until you look next door.

of course, unlike arthur fonzarelli, a town cannot live on t-shirts alone, so the mesmerized artists who aren't designing unique t-shirts are busy giving jeep tours.

or pink jeep tours.

or photo-taking jeep tours. (thanks for the clarification!)

artists being artists, some refuse to follow the pack. you can spot the rabble rousers quite easily. they're the ones giving hummer tours.

ah, but if you crop sedona out of your photos, you'll note sedona can look quite lovely.


Mike said...

*deep breath*

mmm... love that new font smell.

15 ideas said...

yes, i've been meaning to mention a thank you to Pentagram Design for the website facelift. and pro bono even - you guys are too kind.