sucking up: one brand's secret weapon

recently, one of my even-lesser blogs, Snuggie Haiku, received a curious email. it was from a PR flackie representing Febreze Refresher which, far as i can tell, is a product for people who are too lazy to do laundry.

the flackie raved about how awesome snuggies are, so i knew right away she was lying. she went on to include her own snuggie haiku, which of course mentioned febreze by name. she finished off by asking if the whole Snuggie Haiku team would like free samples of febreze.

i'd rather go out and buy more socks and underwear than clean the ones i already own, so i replied in the affirmative, and even posted her haiku. (it's the april 9 one - just look for the huge febreze refresher bottle.)

in return for me being puddy in their little PR hands, they sent me the gifts pictured here. it includes a press release and impersonal letter, my free bottle of febreze, and a nice cloth bag which, if i wasn't hell-bent on ruining the environment one plastic bag at a time, would totally come in handy. if either of my readers sees me anytime soon, give me a good whiff - let me know how febreze is working.

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