this plant is an ad

in marketing, we talk about consumer touchpoints. what we frequently forget to consider are the touchpoints that don't come from marketing. such is the case with hospitals, where the audience is looking for anything - EVERYTHING - to feel a sense of reassurance. it's a tremendous opportunity for a brand.

but as i spent most of my day yesterday in a hospital (i'm ok, thanks), i was disheartened by the lack of humanity. for example, note the plastic plant pictured here. plastic plants are bad enough, but note the flowers on the left which look like they're dying. you pretty much have to go out of your way to find plastic flowers that are dying. it's a botanist's equivalent of giving patients the middle finger.

adding insult to injury was the clock on the wall. when you're in a hospital, it seems time stands still. to MAKE SURE it seems this way, the hospital i was at had a clock that looked like this at 12:30.

here's how it looked at 1:45.

here's the clock at 2:30.

here it is at 4:15.

i'm not going to name names. (if i were, i'd say "Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove.") but if this branding experience is reminiscent of the one you're currently delivering, please correct it.

at the very least, dust the plants.

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