when words and numbers both fail

every time i see research showing how far the US education system is falling behind, i always think, "man, some of those people are going to be building bridges someday."

i guess i should've also been concerned abut the people who are doing packaging labels. i'm not sure what's the worst part of this paper towel label. let's put it to a vote. considering there's only 2 readers and myself, i'm hoping we all have a lot of online IDs. ready? go.

what's the most troubling part of this packaging?
the math ("12 equals 22")
the redundancy of language ("mega plus!")
that they've actually trademarked "more sheets!"
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adam said...

I think they probably should have chosen a different layout. It sort of makes sense (12 of their larger sized rolls is equivalent to 22 regular rolls) but it's certainly not presented well. More Sheets (tm) is probably the oddest thing about it.

Dan Consiglio said...

I believe everything that label tells me because of its' bold colors and liberal use of exclamation points. The fact that they trademarked MORE ROLLS in Spanish, too? Great, inclusive work.