ah, festival season

summer street festivals are a chicagoan's way of stickin' it to the Weatherman. so i was delighted to see the trucks roll up and start unpacking the tents this morning. many street festivals serve as a nice introduction to a neighborhood - its people, its businesses, etc. the first festival of the year, however, isn't even in a street. it's in a parking lot next to the local Petco. but we go, because a) it's the first one of the year and 2) that's what we do here. the people-watching is great, but i really like the brand watching as well.

you get the usual local businesses and artists. this one is most humorous not for spelling reasons, but for the fact that the URL which was so carefully painted (markered?) is actually for sale.

the batterblaster people were there selling pancake batter out of an aerosol can. they claim the pancakes are organic, but i think having them come out of an aerosol can technically removes the organicness. you have to check out their website for the 50s-era song clip though.

being at a street festival provides an opportunity to not only raise awareness, but also create a memorable experience. but there wasn't much in the way of memorability. t-mobile just parked a car and left.

shamwow didn't spend much on decor. or charm.

starbucks had a booth but no one went. so they came to us - every couple minutes with trays of free coffee and the look of desperation in their eyes.

hero fruit juice didn't bother with the booth thing. why would you when you can just lug around samples.

jack FM (the Grim Reaper of DJs) had a wheel you could spin to win concert tickets, etc. so that was unique.

at least until we went to the cricket booth...

... and the zip car booth. actually, at the zip car booth, you could only win if you signed up. i asked them, "what would we do with a fifth car?" they didn't laugh.

while the national marketers weren't particularly eye-catching, at least the local culinary spot was. my stomach hurts just reading this.

of course, you don't go to festivals for the food. you go for the music, and headlining this evening was Hairbanger's Ball, which covered hard rock hits from the 80s, 90s, and today, at a volume that didn't disturb my daughter's reading at all.

ah, festival season.


Megan Colleen said...

That picture of D. is perfect!
I got a little nervous about the baterblaster until I realized there was a typo.

15 ideas said...

batter, bater. yeah, i guess the difference is more than one letter. it's fixed.

Dan Consiglio said...

don't think for a second that I didn't catch and appreciate the
bit in the opening paragraph. pure gold.